Whether you're an established industry leader, a start-up with growing needs or a new entrepreneur with big ideas, Spearfish Economic Development's business development services are designed to drive your success. Click on the links below to read more about our local business development services or contact us with your questions or requests. We're here to help. We build business.

Start a Business
Thinking About Starting a Business? Starting a business is an exciting proposition, but it's also an incredibly challenging undertaking. The resources in this section will help you learn about what it takes to start a business.
Free Business Consulting, Business Checklist, Location Assistance, Funding

Grow a Business
Congratulations, you have made it past the start-up phase and you are now looking to take it up a notch and grow your business. The resources in this section will help you discover tools to take your business to the next level.
Market Intelligence, Dakota Rising, Location Assistance, Funding


Gain the knowledge needed to make your business excel. Spearfish Economic Development has partnered with regional service providers to offer basic training for new businesses as well as in specialized subjects for experienced business owners. To find out more about upcoming training opportunities for you and your employees click here