Market Intelligence

Market Data

Informed decision making is the foundation upon which successful businesses are built. As a decision maker for your business, you need access to high quality business intelligence tools that can help you make the right decisions quickly. Below you will find a number of downloadable files which contain the most up-to-date market data of Spearfish.

2013 Spearfish Demographic Report

2013 Primary Retail Trade Area Report

2013 Secondary Retail Trade Area Report

2013 Retail Gap Analysis (Primary Trade Area)




Benchmark your Business Using SizeUp

Size USizeUp is a free service to help business owners make more informed decisions. Traditionally, only large businesses have been able to afford access to advanced database services with competitive and industry data. SizeUp was developed to even the playing field - so that small businesses could have access to the same information. Click here to go to SizeUp. Registration is free.

Lean more by watching a short video describing SizeUp's benchmarking capabilities



 Dakota Rising

Are you seeking business expansion opportunities? Would $10,000 help? Would you value the opportunity to network with other growth-oriented entrepreneurs throughout the state? If your answer is YES, you may want to consider becoming involved in the Dakota Rising Fellowship program.

The Dakota Rising Fellowship program was designed to help business owners reach their full potential. Benefits of the Fellowship program include:

  • A $10,000 grant to help support business and professional development
  • Access to a community of rural South Dakota entrepreneurs focused on growing their businesses.
  • Access to a business coach, mentors, a peer advisory board and focused technical assistance.

Since 2009, 15 local businesses have been awarded Dakota Rising Fellowships. Today these businesses continue to give back to the community by creating jobs and investing in the future of Lawrence County.
To learn more about becoming a Dakota Rising Fellow click here or check out the videos below.



Location Assistance

feature-locationLocation Assistance
Business Park property is competitively priced ranging from $0 - $2.50 SF (based on project value). Terms are available to qualifying firms through the Spearfish Economic Revolving Fund administered by the Spearfish Economic Development Corporation. Parcels ranging from 1 to 16 acres remain available to expanding businesses. Click here to learn more…



funding-assistanceFunding Assistance
Look no further. Visit our funding pages for information, procedures and applications to various loan programs that are available to existing and new businesses. Click here to learn more…