Black Hills Energy to Close Walk-In Locations to Save Customers Money, Better Meet Their Expectations

Rapid City-Dec. 15, 2017–Think of Black Hills Energy’s walk-in offices as most retail stores.

Like retail stores, our customers can drive to a physical location to conduct their business, whether they want to pay their bill or ask a questions about their energy use.

But unlike most retail stores, there’s no need for our customers to have to leave the comfort of their homes just to do business with us.

“Our customers’ expectations and preferences have changed drastically in the past decade-plus,” said Nick Gardner, Vice President of Electric Operations in South Dakota. “Fewer of our customers are walking in to our physical locations. While at the same time, more of them are opting for self-service options.”

That’s why, starting Monday, December 18, Black Hills Energy will be closing its walk-in office locations in Custer, Rapid City, Spearfish, Sturgis and Newcastle, Wyoming. Not only is this a reflection of how customers prefer to interact with the utility, but it’s also a way for the company to save customers money.

These are just a few of the stats:

  • Customers choosing electronic payment methods has increased by 15 percent since 2011, while local office payments have decreased by 13 percent.
  • Local office payments make up only 10 percent of our customers’ payment methods.
  • Nearly 55 percent of our customers use an electronic form of payment — including recurring payments, one-time bank transfers, online banking and Speed-pay.

We’ll continue to offer multiple, convenient billing and payment options that reflect your preferences and keep costs down, including:

  • EBill for paperless billing
  • Budget Billing at
  • Online at com/pay
  • QR code printed at the top of the paper bill
  • Automatic bank transfer
  • By mail using the envelope included in your bill
  • By phone at 888-890-5554
  • In-person through Western Union and CheckFreePay locations



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