Labor Force

As part of its ongoing mission to grow the Spearfish community through business development and job creation, the Spearfish Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) recently implemented a new strategy to help address local workforce recruitment challenges.

It is not the intent nor the mission of SEDC to function as a substitute for the workforce recruitment activities and responsibilities of individual companies, the organization can serve an important role in complementing and supplementing these efforts.

To that end, SEDC aims to:

  • Provide local businesses with strategic tools to help enhance their current workforce recruitment and retention efforts;
    Educate and update the Spearfish business community on regional, state and national workforce development initiatives;
  • Share private sector tactics and strategies that are proving effective for other private sector companies;
  • Help attract new workers to the Spearfish area through a variety of marketing initiatives utilizing social media, digital marketing and traditional media sources;
  • Support efforts to create a culturally-vibrant community that will help to retain young professionals and prove attractive to employment prospects new to the Spearfish area;
  • Promote available opportunities for the reskilling and upskilling of today’s workers;
  • Champion ongoing initiatives by regional education institutions to customize their curriculums and establish new programs to meet the workforce needs of the business community;
  • Serve as a proponent for the establishment and expansion of technical training and career readiness programs in local schools, as well as efforts to encourage young people to pursue in-demand professions;
  • Identify opportunities to connect high school and college students with the local business community via internships and job shadow programs, as well as support ongoing efforts to better introduce college students to the Spearfish business community; and
  • Support initiatives to increase workforce housing.

We are ready to move forward with you.

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