SEDC Membership

Why Join SEDC?

The Spearfish Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) is a non-profit corporation with initiatives geared toward workforce development, business retention and attraction, and cultivating entrepreneurship. In the upcoming year, SEDC will remain increasingly focused on growing a diverse local economy, identifying new economic opportunities and providing our membership with the resources needed to help navigate today’s ever-changing business environment.

By investing in SEDC, you’re investing in our community’s continued prosperity. From cultivating entrepreneurial opportunities to readying the workforce, SEDC is working hard to promote economic prosperity and sustainable community growth for the Spearfish area. SEDC memberships are imperative to creating a vibrant and successful economic development program for the greater Spearfish region.

“SEDC is an organization that truly opens doors for business growth in Spearfish. We see the impact of their work every single day as our businesses, and the businesses of the entire community, thrive.  As an SEDC member, I have also been able to take advantage of the flexible low-interest loan products the organization has to offer.”

Justin StephensHigh Mountain Outfitters & Spearfish Creek Fly Shop


2022 Focus Areas

Marketing & Communication

  • Business to Business Networking
  • Implement marketing strategies to promote
  • SEDC Member businesses and properties
  • Marketing to targeted industries
  • Investor Education

Business Growth

  • Promote SEDC members and facilitate growth of local Spearfish businesses
  • Develop quality job growth
  • Cultivate entrepreneurial business opportunities for the community
  • Workforce Recruitment & Development

Return on Investment

When joining SEDC, members receive yearlong communication and resources relevant to their business and the community. As an SEDC Member, you will receive:

  • Updates on local business news and events
  • Networking and educational opportunities
  • Finance programs available from SEDC, Lawrence County, and the Governor’s Office of Economic Development
  • Complimentary promotions of your business

If you are interested in seeing who else is an SEDC member, visit our Membership Directory.
Please contact us if you have any questions or comments about SEDC Membership.