People: A work ethic born from the pioneer spirit.

Spearfish is a land abundant in natural resources. But there’s none we treasure more than our dedicated work force. The Midwest is known for it’s hard-working and responsible people. And in Spearfish, we have an abundance of “can do” spirit, born from a our pioneering heritage. The SEDC will help you find and train the right people to build the team that will help your company thrive. And our Workforce Development Initiative is a forward-thinking program that will attract and keep the type of professional and technical employees that our changing job markets demand.

Employees at the Camp Native facility in Spearfish.

The number one challenge for any business is attracting and retaining the right employees. A quality workforce is absolutely essential for your company to grow and expand. And the SEDC is spending a great deal of time and resources in meeting this demand in our ever-changing business landscape. We have one of the most broad-based economies in western South Dakota. The requirements to meet this workforce challenge include a wide spectrum of professions; from engineering, scientific, and professional to tradesmen and all levels of skilled labor.

We are ready to move forward with you.

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